Manfred Werder

3 > 5 JUIL 2019


Composer and Performer

Presentation of 20160 (2016, ongoing)

Composer and performer, is wandering through the abundance. His scores feature words and sentences found in poetry, philosophy and the world. Earlier works include stück 1998, a 4000 page score whose nonrecurring and intermittent performative realization has been ongoing since December 1997. Lives in situ.

The score 20160 consists of 3 rolls of semitransparent paper with the seize of each 10cm x 22m, trisected from a found paper roll.
In January 2016 I have begun inscribing the first roll with typewriters found on site. The first performative presentation took place in Ciudad de México February the 9th, 2016.
I’ve been tracing the world onto the roll, words and text found on the street, in poetry and philosophy. In the act of writing, the world operates on the unveiled paper, impregnates it and so actualizes the score, and once the paper is again rolled up, its veiled transparency lets the world’s abundance manifested on the paper mingle into ever new possible compounds.

Centre National
de Création Musicale
Albi — Tarn

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